We are an international trio of musicians who live in Berlin, Germany.

We love all kinds of rock’n’roll, but especially ska/punk, and were drawn here by the city’s rich history with this genre.

Jake Wiest is from the US having sung and played guitar and bass in “Smoking Bill”, “Sleeve of Wizard”, and “Garden Goat”, as well as playing bass drum in “Lovebomb Go-Go”. He is also a solo folk/punk/comedy singer/songwriter and singing character actor.

Michael Alderton-Smith comes from Wales where he played in numerous bands including the dark rock/grunge outfit “Blue Tribe Gods”. He took over bass duties in the cult art-rock band, “Jon Downes and the Amphibians from Outer Space”, when the original bass player was crushed by a shipment of margarine, and played in numerous bands in Mallorca, including the contemporary rock band “Hotwired”, and the “Dirty Boogie” blues band.

Wojciech Calow comes from the dark and mysterious east.


Vocals, Guitar
Bass, Mandolin, Ukelele

Bike tour guide, actor/improv actor, musical comedian, singer/songwriter, mermaid swimming instructor, Dungeons and Dragons player & podcaster.

How I ended up in the band:
Playing Rancid covers with Michael.

Favourite Food: Spicy Burritos

Music: Ska, punk, reggae – punk for its rebellious spirit, refusal of complacency, recalcitrant and turbocharged energy; ska and reggae because they are irresistibly danceable; and all these genres because the sound of the music is just so fun, and/or celebratory of being alive, even while at times criticising life.

Little known fact: I love lamp!



Guitar, Drums

IT Dude, Studio Engineer, Writer, Podcaster, D&D and RPG maniac and music addict, watching far too much Netflix, and learning too many random facts.

How I ended up in the band:
Stupidly proposed that I would learn all the bass lines for Rancid’s “Out Come The Wolves”.

Favourite Food: Curry, hot as hell, Chilli, hot as hell, Anything spicy.

Music: Ska, Punk, Reggae, Rock, Metal, Blues

Little known fact: I’m actually left handed.


Drums, Backing Vocals

Guitar, Bass

Mechanical engineer, interested in music & art.

How I ended up in the band:
Heroically volunteered to join the others on stage when their drum track failed and the rest is history!

Favourite Food: Everything with meat, cabbage, cheese and wheat.

Music: Led Zeppelin, Dream Theater. I love this complexity and power.

Little known fact: Punk’s not dead!

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